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Passive voice (kalimat pasif) adalah kalimat yang subyeknya dikenai suatu pekerjaan atau menderita suatu. Dengan kata lain subyek kalimat tersebut menjadi sasaran kegiatan yang dinyatakan oleh kata kerja.
Di dalam bahasa Indonesia ciri-ciri kalimat pasif adalah kata kerjanya yang berawalan dengan “di-“

Active voice Passive voice
Present Tense She writes a letter A letter is written by her
They write letters Letters are written by them
Present Continous She is writing a letter A letter is being written by her
They are writing letters Letters are being written by them
Past Tense She wrote a letter A letter was written by her
They wrote a letter Letters were written by them
Past Continous She was writing a letter A letter was being written by her
They were writing letters Letters were being written by them
Perfect Tense She has written a letter A letter has been written by her
They have written letters Letters have been written by them
Past Perfect She had written a letter A letter had been written by her
They had written letters Letters had been written by them
Modal auxiliaries
(can, will, must, etc) She can write a letter A letter can be written by her
They can write letters Letters can be written by them
(to be + going to) She is going to write a letter A letter is going to be written by her They are going to write Letters are going to be written
letters by them

Cara pembentuk kalimat aktif (active voice) menjadi kalimat pasif (passive voice):
a. Subyek dalam kalimat aktif diubah menjadi Obyek dalam kalimat pasif, dan sebaliknya Obyek dalam kalimat aktif diubah menjadi Subyek dalam kalimat pasif.
b. Kata kerja kalimat pasif harus berbentuk V3 (kata kerja bentuk ketiga) yang didahului To be (is, am, are, was, were, being, been) yang diikuti oleh “by (oleh)”
c. Kalimat aktif yang akan dirubah harus memiliki obyek. Jadi dalam hal ini kata kerja yang digunakan harus kata kerja transitif (kata kerja yang memerlukan obyek)

Change the active to the passive
1. Shakespeare wrote that play.
2. Bill will invite Ann to the party.
3. Alex is preparing that report.
4. Waitresses and waiters serve customers.
5. The teacher is going to explain the lesson.
6. Shirley has suggested a new idea.
7. Two horses were pulling the farmer’s wagon.
8. Kathy had returned the book to the library.
9. By this time tomorrow, the president will have made the announcement.
10. I didn’t write that note. Jim wrote it.
11. Alice didn’t make that pie. Did Mrs.French make it.
12. Does Prof. Jackson teach that course?
I know that Prof. Adams doesn’t teach it.
13. Mrs. Andrews hasn’t signed those papers yet
Has Mr. Andrews signed them yet?
14. Is Mr. Brown painting your house?
15. His tricks won’t fool me.
16. Jackie scored the winning goal.
17. Dr. Ikeda developed that theory
18. Tmmy dropped the cup.
19. The assistant manager interviewed me.
20. A hurricane destroyed the small fishing village
21. After class, one of the students always erases the chalkboard.

Use the words in the following list to complete the sentences. All of the sentences are passive. Use any appropriate tense

build frighten report
cause invent spell
confuse kill surprise
divide offer surround
expect order wear

1. The electric light bulb by Thomas Edison.
2. An island by water.
3. The –ing form of “sit” with a double t.
4. Even though construction costs are high, a new dormitory” _____________________
5. The class was too large, so it _____________________ into two section.
6. The Johnson’s house burned down. According to the inspector, the fire
_______________________ by lightening.
7. A bracelet _______________________ around the wrist.
8. AL got a ticket for reckless driving. When he went to traffict court, he _______________________ to pay of $100.
9. I read about a hunter, who _______________________ by a wild animal.
10. The hunter’s fatal accident _____________________ in the newspaper yesterday.
11. I didn’t expect Lisa to come to the meeting last night, but she was there.
I ________________________ see her there.
12. Last week I _____________________ a job at a local bank, but I didn’t accept.
13. The children _____________________ in the middle of the night when they heard strange noises in the house.
14. Could you try to explain this math problem to me again? Yesterday in class
I _____________________ by the teacher’s explanation.
15. A: Is the plane going to be late?
B: No. It _____________________ to be on time.

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